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As the complexity, size, and mission-criticality of manufacturing technology systems increase, professional project management offers companies tremendous value in managing change involving multiple technologies, vendors, and locations. In fact, without project management, more than 50% of projects fail. Professional project management provides the centralized and comprehensive coordination required to ensure projects are implemented to specifications, on time, and within budget.

Avanceon’s Project Management Group offers a full suite of manufacturing engineering services to initiate, plan, implement, and close projects of all sizes throughout their entire lifecycle. This enables you to focus on core business operations while we ensure that the work delivered will meet your business requirements and enhance your productivity and OEE.


Avanceon utilizes a superior project management methodology designed specifically to meet the rigorous demands of manufacturing named ABACASTM. ABACASTM is based on the world wide project management standards of the Project Management Institute (PMI), but has been enhanced to increase focus on managing the human element of every project in a manufacturing environment. ABACUSTM is about managing the people involved in a project and assuring that they have what they need to complete their tasks.

Our highly structured project engagement methodology guides each phase of an engagement to help ensure optimal results with minimal business disruption. Our Business Value Justification methodology helps effectively measure business value in terms of cost savings, revenue generation, or process re-engineering. We provide a single project management point-of-contact for all project design and implementation activities, as well as a closed-loop quality assurance program, to help ensure we deliver on our promise of service excellence and customer satisfaction. We provide complete documentation and knowledge transfer to help ensure continued successful, scalable operations support by your staff.

Our project managers are trained in change management to assist you with managing the human element of every project. Whether the project entails new technology, new services, or process redesign, a simple upgrade, managing the human element through proper communications, training, and documentation is key to the success of every project. Avanceon’s Project Management supports your needs by directly managing projects or by providing a variety of project management services to support more specialized needs.


While Avanceon project managers will manage your project, we believe keeping you apprised of the ongoing status is critical. We follow a philosophy of open project management that exposes our clients to the complete project detail through a web based portal system named TotalVUETM. TotalVUETM is a collaboration environment designed to keep all project stake holders up to date and all executive sponsors informed assuring project success.